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Tefen Fittings

Tefen Industrial Hose Fittings

Tefen fittings are made for any industrial uses which include water, oil, compressed air and food use.  The fittings is suitable for use with many pipes including plastic, rubber or soft PVC pipe and are suitable for use in industrial or domestic applications.  Because the fitting is used with numerous pipe types the diameters quoted in each product is the internal diameter of the pipe.  Tefen fittings are made from Nylon 66 making them extremely strong and durable.  The fitting can withstand pressures up to 14 bar and twenty centigrade and will cope with temperatures as low as minus twenty centigrade and as high as 110 centigrade. 

What can Tefen Fittings Be Used For

Tefen fittings can be used for many applications including compressed air, oil, water and other industrial applications.  The fitting will form and tight fit with various hoses and can be used with a variety of materials