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Basket and Container Watering

Hanging Basket and Container Watering


Simple hanging basket and container drip irrigation.   Drip irrigation is by far the best form of watering for baskets and containers.  The reason that it is the preferred hanging basket watering system is because drip irrigation applies water to the baskets and containers over a long period of time.  This gives the soil a chance to soak in the water rather than the water being wasted by running off. 

The second benefit is that the leaves and flowers stay dry and are not damaged by the water spray.  This keeps flowers looking better for longer and makes sure that leaves stay free of unsightly brown marks and disease. 

The third reason is the amount of area that can be watered as one zone.  Spray irrigation uses a lot of water over a short period of time and this then restrict that size of the area that can be watered as one zone.  Drip irrigation however applies water over a longer period of time so larger areas can be watered as one single zone