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Planning Service

Free Planning Service

Easy Irrigation offers a no obligation free professional planning and advice service.  This service covers  all the bases with a complete set of plans to help you instal irrigation systems with confidence.  Your computer drawn design will come complete with a basic pdf plan and an a comprehensive parts list and if you  have any questions during or after installation you can call our experts on 01189736905.

Garden Planning 

We offer a free planning and advice service for all aspects of garden irrigation including beds, borders, patios, hanging baskets and greenhouses.  If you are looking to make more time to enjoy relaxing in the garden then please do take advantage of this free service.  We offer a huge range of irrigation answers from simple controls to WI-FI enabled controllers that can be accessed from any location Worldwide and will adjust watering times based on the local weather conditions that your garden has had and the conditions forecasted.  This saves time and water 

Using the planning service involves gathering some information. Please email [email protected] and we will respond to your request with a reply requesting information.  Installation is available and we are happy to recommend a suitable engineer based on your location 


Sports Grounds 

We offer a free consultation and planning service for sports facilities including Cricket, football and rugby.  Please do call on 01189736905 or email [email protected].  Our service covers planning, quotation and installation if required.  Please do call and arrange a site visit 


Commercial Growing facilities 

From a simple poly tunnel to intensive stacked growing or Hydroponic systems.  Please do call 01189736905  to discuss or email [email protected] 

Quarries, Tips and Recycling plants 

We offer a comprehensive planning, quotation and installation service for most environmental issues including dust and waste water dissipation associated with tips, quarries and landfill sites.  Please do call so that we can discuss your requirements.  In many cases installation can be completed with your existing maintenance team with our support.  


We are able to quote for water storage facilities and PVC spray lines or PVC pipe distribution.  Please do call 01189736905 or email [email protected]