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75mm Compression Fittings

75 mm WRAS Approved Compression Fittings.  Suitable For Use with 75 mm outside diameter pipe 

Unidelta compression pipe fittings suitable for MDP, LDPE and PE pipe.  These are high quality compression fittings that are WRAS approved with a maximum working pressure of 16 bar at 20 degrees centigrade.  Unidelta produce a very high quality fitting.  They use a rubber O ring rather than a rubber flap to produce the seal against the pipe.  This is a very trivial detail when looking at the quality of  a compression fitting however during installation this minor detail becomes a very essential upgrade, in particular if pipes do not quite line up and extra pressure is applied to one side of the seal.  From our experience this makes a much more reliable seal with less chance of weeping or other silly problems that seems common with the rubber flap 

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