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Hose Pipes

Hose Pipes.  

Hose pipes come in many different price and quality categories.  We have summarised below the key features of each style of hose so that you can make an educated decision prior to buying your new garden hose pipe 

Copely Hose Pipes 

Copely are a British manufacturer of high quality flexible hoses.  Not only to Copely manufacture garden hose pipes they also supply hoses to the oil and gas industry along with fire hoses to the Fire industry.  We stock 2 styles garden hose pipe from Copely (along with some specialist suction hose).  The yellow Copely hose is the best hose that we stock.  It is made from PVC and is extremely durable, difficult to crush and very long lasting.  The hose is suitable for very high use in particular commercial environments.  


Tricoflex is made in France and is part of the Hozelock group.  This is a high quality hose that has traditionally been the best hose that we stock.  These hoses have been available since the 80's and are often seen in high use areas like nurseries and garden centres.  They are a very similar price to the Copely hose

Claber Hose Pipe 

Claber hose pipes are manufactured in Italy.  They offer a range of various grade hose pipes however we do think that their are plenty of similar hose pipes that are made in the United Kingdom that are probably as good if not better that this alternative. 


Gardena garden hose pipes are very similar to the range offered by Claber and again we feel that there are probably better alternatives that are manufactured in the United Kingdom that are a similar or lower price.  

RHS Everflow Hose Pipe

This is a new hose for 2016 and uses a patented design.  The hose, even with knots in will still allow water to flow due to its unique inside profile.  The hose is manufactured by Copely for the RHS and this has proven to be a huge success for both Copely and the RHS.  

UK Made garden Hose pipes.  

In this section we offer garden hose pipes, made in the United Kingdom.  Some of these are manufactured by Copely along with other manufacturers.  The quality varies from entry level green braided to the yellow landscaper grade which is very similar to Tricoflex in quality however it is much cheaper as it does not have the brand name.  If you are thinking of buying a 3/4" hose 50 metres in length then without doubt the best buy is in this section.  

What Diameter Hose Pipe Should I buy

Hose pipe diameter depends on the length of the hose and the amount of water you want to come out of the end.  If you are filling water troughs then a low flow is probably ok however if you are trying to water plants by hand then you will probably want to have as much water as possible.  The key thing to remember is that the smaller the diameter of the pipe the faster the water will move and the greater the friction.  and the greater the loss of flow depending on the length of the pipe.  For a more detailed explanation please look at our pipe friction article on our blog which can be found by clicking here.  While this is water pipe the same applies to hose pipe although at a greater level so please do call 01189736905 for more help