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Landscape Watering

Landscape Watering

Landscape watering strategies can be very complex - 'every garden is different'

It is important to tailor your landscape watering system to the unique requirements of your landscape.

For example:

  • Plant species
  • Ground composition
  • Sunlight access
  • Prevailing wind
  • Slopes (topography)

At easy-irrigation, we draw upon 40 years of experience in the industry, designing optimal landscape watering systems.

Our comprehensive landscape watering planning service helps you to plan out the best watering strategy for you:

  • Watering requirement estimation (based on your gardens layout and needs)
  • Pump sizing and selection
  • Water Tank sizing and selection
  • Pipework layout, sizing and selection
  • Fitting selection (optimising coverage efficiency)
  • System control selection

Our unique plans make it very clear which parts you will need, pricing each part individully, with pictures to show what each part does.