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Hose Fittings

Garden Hose Fittings 

Hose fittings are available in many forms and like hose pipes this can become confusing.  You will see below that we have a summary which may help with your hoe fitting selection 

Types Of Hose Fittings 

There are two types of hose fitting available for garden hoses.  The fitting that we all know and probably have in our gardens is the Quick click connector.  These are available in various materials ranging from brass, industrial grade plastic to very cheap hose fittings.  The second type of hose fitting is Geka type hose fittings which are unique in there sealing method.  Geka type fittings are only available as a metal, as a general rue they are normally available in brass however brass fittings to vary in quality and this can easily be identified when the product is placed on scales or identical products are held in the hand.  

Geka Hose Fittings

Geka type hose fittings are unique.  They use a unique twist action to seal, they are always made from metal as the seal is formed by pressure on two rubber seals.  The quality of Geka type fittings varies depending on the manufacturer.  We sell good quality Geka fittings.  They are made in Italy and are precisely cast making them easily twisted together and a perfect seal when under pressure.  The advantage that Geka fittings have over standard quick click hose fittings is the open passage through the centre of the fitting which reduces friction, their strength and the ability to change hose sizes from 12 mm up to 25 mm using the same standard twist claw.  With larger hose pipes (25 mm)  these are the only option available.