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Galvanised Steel Water Storage Tanks

Galvansed Water Storage Tanks 

The water storage tank is made from galvanised corrugated steel specifically designed to hold large volumes of water.  Tank volumes vary from 4550 and up to 288,000 litres.  The tanks are WRAS approved.  The tanks are extremely strong and designed with a safety factor of 1.4.  The tanks are easy to install and comes with a fully illustrated manual.  Each tank is delivered flat packed for easy delivery.   The tanks exclude the liners or covers as exaplined later 

Liners PVC or EPDM 

PVC liners are a very good option however as they are much cheaper than EPDM liners.  The liner should last for about 10 years.  PVC liners can be prone to cracking in later life in extreme cold temperatures

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