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Greenhouse Watering

Greenhouse Watering 

Greenhouses (and poly-tunnels) often have very specific watering requirements - depending on the crops being grown.  

The greenhouse watering systems must therefore be carefully considered:  

  • Broad range of watering solutions available to accommodate for the individual requirements within your greenhouse
  • A greenhouse can utilise more than one type of watering system - allowing for a range of crops to be grown and maintained within the same enclosure
  • Humidity control is possible within greenhouses to best suit the crops needs
  • Temperature control during the summer can also be achieved through the use of misting systems

The scope for greenhouse watering systems is fairly extensive, with this in mind, we have narrowed these methods down to the following categories: spray, drip, overhead spray and misting.  

Note: As with all of our irrigation products, we recommend that you contact us before you buy, to ensure that we can best advise you on getting exactly the products that you need.  

Greenhouse Spray Irrigation


  • Size and shape of the greenhouse space
  • Loaction of plants within greenhouse space (plant spacing dictates spray zones requirements)
  • Supply pipework routing - typically around the edge of the greenhouse at low-level
  • Supply pipework sizing - pipe diameter varies based on: greenhouse size, routing layout, length of supply hose
  • Different plant species have different watering requirements - spray watering systems provide blanket cover to all plants within their zone of influence (some might be over-watered and some will be under-watered)
  • Spray systems result in wetting of the leaves - for some plants this can lead to fungal diseases

Our free planning service considers all of these aspects for you - simply contact us and we can help you design your perfect system

Greenhouse Drip Irrigation

This is probably the most common system used in greenhouses, large or small. Small holes along the length of the irrigation pipe allow for a controlled amount of water to drip onto the soil of the plant.

  • Water is supplied directly to where it is needed by the plant
  • Specific plant watering needs can be more closely met by using various sizes of drippers (avoiding over-watering or under-watering)
  • Plant leaves do not become wet, reduceing the chance of fungal disease
  • Simple system to install and maintain
  • Large areas can be watered as one zone

Greenhouse Overhead Spray Irrigation 

High-level nozzles provide spray irrigation to plants below, specialised approach to watering:

  • Allows for very uniform levels of watering to plants below
  • Ideal for plants like seedlings or young bedding plants
  • Specialist spray nozzles designed to work upside down (inverted and supplied from above)
  • Overhead spray nozzles best supplied by rigid PVC pipework, which can be hung using wire and clips
    • Overhead spray nozzle can be mounted directly to supply pipework
    • Alternativly - spray nozzles can be hung down close to plants - using a weighted dropper pipes (preventing exessive sprinkler occilations occuring)
  • Sufficient height in the space is required to accomedate for an overhead spray watering system
  • Pump capacity must also be considered for overhead spray systems

Greenhouse Misting Systems

Misting a greenhouse has many benefits for the plants and has become essential:

  • Increases the humidity of the space
  • Reduces the temperature on warm summer days
  • Prevents the occurance of red spider

We choose to only stock Coolnet Foggers by Netafim, due to their proven performance, quality, spares availability, cost and reliability. These units offer a 50 micro spray in either: single, double or quad nozzle options.