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Pipe and Fittings

Pipe and Fittings

We supply a wide variety of pipes and fittings, in a range of sizes and materials.

Accurate pipe sizing is essential when designing an irrigation system. The pipe size depends on the following parameters:

  • Flow Rate - Litres of water (per second) flowing inside the pipe, based on your system layout/design
  • Pipe Length - The distance that the water needs to travel within the section of pipework
  • Bends and Fittings - Presure losses accociated with bends and fittings in the pipework
  • Supply Presure - The force pushing water along the pipe, provided by a pump or sometimes by gravity

What size pipe should you choose?

Our technical team can help you to size your pipework and fittings - enabling you to design, order and build your own irrigation system.

For an overview - take a look at our Blog post which can be found by clicking here

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