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How to water your garden easily


For non-gardeners the concept of a ‘leaky hose’ might sound like the hose needs replacing, but it makes total sense to the gardening connoisseur. In fact, the leaky hose is the best way to economize on water and to water your garden – with close to no effort!


You may think that watering your garden by hand is satisfying, but the fact is that if you dig into the soil after watering, you will find that only the top inch or so is moist. And the fact is that none of us really have the time or patience to water properly. The leaky hose slowly leaks from the length of the hose and delivers slow and deep watering to the entire garden. The hose will water flowerbeds, borders and veggies. This is a great technique for those with large gardens, and that want to save a bit on water bills.


Still not convinced? Think of it this way. To give you 20x3-foot vegetable bed the inch or more of water it needs during the summer season, you would need to holding the hose for almost haft an hour! Assuming of course if your hose can deliver 2 gallons per minute. Even if you did have the patience for this, the water funs so fat most of it would run off along the soil’s surface rather then penetrating the soil.


A pressure compensated leaky hose offer gives even more coverage compared to other leaky hose. They are more even and reliable in comparison to the normal leaky hose. For more information please watch the video:





So why can’t you use a sprinkler system instead? Well, you can but it has several disadvantages in comparison. Sprinkling can increase the spread of plant diseases, especially if you water in the evening when leaves have less chance to dry off quickly. Also, sprinklers  can use more water then drip irrigation system. So if you have a big garden, you best option is the drip irrigation.


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