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Bermad 24 Volt DC Solenoid Valve 1" BSP

Bermad 24 Volt DC Control valve With 2 Way Internal Controls and Tri Integrated Open - Auto- Closed 

The BERMAD 2-Way Solenoid Controlled Valve with Trio integrated
Open-Auto-Close manual selector, is a hydraulically operated,
diaphragm actuated control valve with internal hydraulic Feed &
Bleed control loop. The Trio Integrated selector allows for open
or close, manually overriding the electric signal.
The BERMAD Model IR-21T opens and closes drip-tight in response
to an electric signal, which causes the solenoid to open or close
the valve’s internal hydraulic loop


Lֺine Pressure Driven, Electrically Controlled On/Off

Sֺֺmooth valve opening and closing

Accurate and stable regulation
Low operating pressure requirements
Pֺֺlastic Globe Hydro-Efficient Valve

Unobstructed flow path
Single moving part
High flow capacity
Highly durable, chemical and cavitation resistant
Uֺֺnitized Flexible Diaphragm and Guided Plug

Prevents diaphragm erosion and distortion
Fֺֺully Supported & Balanced Diaphragm

Requires low actuation pressure
Uֺֺser-Friendly Design

Simple in-line inspection and service

Cֺomputerized Irrigation Systems
Dֺrip Systems
Gֺֺeenhouses Irrigation
Sֺystems Subject to Varying Supply Pressure
Eֺֺnergy Saving Irrigation Systems


  • 1" BSP Female Thread 
  • 0.5bar minimum pressure required to open the valve 
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar 
  • Electrical operation 24 vac 
  • Manual operation as well as automatic 
  • Unobstructed flow path 
  • Single moving part for efficient and reliable operation 
  • High flow capacity 
  • Chemical and cavitation resistant 
  • Fully opening 
  • Flow control 
  • simple on/off/auto switch 
  • length 110 mm 
  • width 78 mm
  • height overall including handle 115 mm


The 200 Series valves deliver superior performance by taking advantage of latest technology. Made from specially-engineered, corrosion-free plastic, these diaphragm-actuated valves maintain an extremely high flow rate with exceptionally low head loss.

They are equipped with a control handle for flow adjustment and a manually-operated solenoid override in the event of a power failure.

The body of the valve is made from reinforced nylon making them very strong all metal parts are made with stainless steel and the diaphragm is made from natural rubber

The self-cleaning control feature of the electric models ensures operation in all conditions

Which size valve should I choose 

Bermad valves vary in size from 3/4" and up to 2".  The higher the flow then the larger the valve.  For most domestic properties a 1" valve will be sufficient.  Below is a chart that will give you an idea of the pressure loss that you would expect to see when the valve is in operation 

Size BSP  2m³ 3m³ 4m³ 5m³ 6m³ 8m³ 10m³ 15m³ 20m³ 30m³ 40m³
3/4" BSP 0.05 bar loss 0.12 bar loss 0.23 bar loss 0.3 bar loss

0.44 bar loss

0.8 bar loss

1.2 bar loss         
1" BSP 0.04 bar loss 0.07 bar loss 0.15 bar loss 0.2 bar loss 0.33 bar loss 0.7 bar loss 1 bar loss        
11/2" BSP zero zero almost zero still almost zero Still zero 0.05bar loss 0.08 bar loss 0.18 bar loss 0.3 bar loss 0.7 bar loss  
2" BSP  zero zero almost zero still almost zero Still zero still zero ish 0.05 bar loss 0.1 bar loss 0.2 bar loss 0.41 bar loss 0.7 bar loss

From the chart above we can see that most situations will require a 1" BSP Bermad valve and only in the most high flow environments would you use a 11/2" or a 2" Solenoid valve 

Thread size 

If you are unsure about thread sizes then please do read the information below 

How to measure a thread size

All (or most) thread sizes used in water fittings in the home and garden are measured in BSP (British Standard Pipe Thread). BSP can sometimes be referred to as BSPF or the Whitworth Pipe Thread. Pipe thread can be parallel or tapered depending on the use that the fitting is going to be used for.

This standard is used in the UK and it ensures that items that are used in the gas, water and Hydraulics industry are compatible. For example when you connect your washing machine to the mains water the adapter will use a standard BSP ¾” thread. This standard is used in many parts of the World outside of the United States.

Each thread can be measured using the very simple table below and there is no need to look at the number of threads per inch

To summarise the simplest way to identify which thread you have is to measure the outside diameter (male thread) or the inside diameter for a female thread

BSP Thread 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" 1" 11/4" 11/2" 2"
Male Thread O/D mm 13 17 21 26.5 33.6 42 48 60
Female Thread I/D mm 11.5 15 18.6 24 30 38.5 45 57
Threads per inch (Take no Notice Of This) 19 19 19 14 14 11 11 11

Example Of A Male thread

Example of a female thread

Example Of A Male Thread

Example Of A Female Thread

  • Model: C322524DC
  • 3 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Bermad

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