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Large Area Watering

20mm Pipe And Fittings

20 mm Pipe Fittings

We stock three very different pipe fittings and all are very unique in what they can and cannot be used for

Barbed Fittings

Barbed fittings are used with LDPE water pipe.  This is a low density pipe that would normally be used for above ground or very near the surface installation.  The fittings have quite large sharp barbs that for a very tight fit when used with high quality LDPE Pipe.  The fitting is rated to 6 bar when fitted unlike many domestic systems that are rated to 2.1 bar however when the pipe warms up and expands the rating drops.  This is the same with our barbed fittings however because of the very tight fit they are almost impossible to get off once fitted giving you confidence when using them. There is a technique when using these so please do read our guide that will explain how to use them.  

Nutlock Fittings

These are sort of between a compression fitting and a barbed fitting.  They offer a more simple method of installation on LDPE pipe.  Nutlock fittings can only be used with LDPE.  The nut is pushed over the pipe and the insert is pushed inside the pipe.  The nut is then pulled up and tightened.  This forces the pipe down on to the insert making a  secure 6 bar rated joint.  The advantage with Nutlock is that they can be dismantled and reused if ever required

Compression Water Fittings. 

These are used below ground or in high pressure environments.  The fitting can be used with both LDPE and MDPE Pipe.  The fittings are 16 bar rated and are WRAS approved when used with the insert.  You do not need to use the inserts when using for irrigation installations as these are classed as none drinking water applications and so do not need WRAS approval.